The Covid-19 coronavirus is spreading around the globe. There are many ways to stop its spread. One of those ways is knowing what the virus is, what it’s capable of and why we have to do certain things as a global community. The 17Promises Covid-19 page has articles about the virus in plain language as well as videos to use and share.

COVID Call to action

The 17Promises youth have made urgent and informative messages about protecting yourself against the virus that you can use and share. Get engaged and take action to stop the virus from spreading.

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Engage and take action! Share these resources as much as you can.

COVID-19 Symptoms

The Government of Zimbabwe declared a lockdown over COVID-19. Everyone is required to stay at home. Think you have COVID-19? Call the free Mi...

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Why Must We Stay Home?

There are things everyone can do to help stop them and other people getting Coronavirus. One of them is being ready to stay at home. Governments ar...

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What is a Pandemic?

A pandemic is the worldwide spread of a new disease, usually a virus.  A pandemic happens when a new virus spreads around the world, and most ...

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What is Patient Zero?

The expression patient zero comes from epidemiology. In medical terms it is the first person infected in an epidemic or a pandemic.&nbs...

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