Why Must We Stay Home?

Why Must We Stay Home?

There are things everyone can do to help stop them and other people getting Coronavirus. One of them is being ready to stay at home.

Governments around the world are asking people to stay at home to protect health services and save lives. The idea of staying at home to keep people safe is difficult, especially when you are feeling fit and healthy yourself. However, one person can easily pass or transmit the virus to other people without knowing it, and those people can then transmit it to even more people, creating a terrifying snowball effect. 

Staying at home, or ‘social distancing’, is a very simple way to stop the infection spreading. The simple act of staying home can save many people — even many thousands of people — from contracting the virus.

Everyone has a huge role to play in how the coronavirus outbreak happens, or doesn’t happen. The coronavirus is both more contagious and more deadly than the common flu.

Simply by sitting on your couch can potentially save lives. Here’s another explanation;

Here are some guidelines for how long yous should stay indoors.

Don’t meet up with other people for 7 days if you have Coronavirus symptoms. These are:

• a new cough, and you keep coughing or

• a high temperature

After 7 days, if you feel better, you can start your usual routine again.

Stay at home and don’t meet up with other people for 14 days if you share your home with someone who has symptoms of Coronavirus. 

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